Ultimate Mixer Grinder Buying Guide 2018

Ultimate Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

India is a country of spices and especially our mom loves to make food with the homemade spices. In our kitchen, we used to make a lot of dishes. For making so many dishes we need to mix and grind a lot of things so that mixer-grinder is a very must kitchen equipment in Our home. Everyone is not perfect in buying a mixer grinder home so you need to go through the buying guide. The purpose of this article is just to guide you to get the best mixer grinder for you.
For a small family, this is advised to buy a small mixer grinder but if you have a big household then you will need to buy a larger sized mixer grinder with bigger capacity jars. Everyone has a budget in mind that how much he wants to spend on the mixer grinder. Its range starts from 900 and ends in 6000 and more. Price depends on the size and features of the mixer grinder.

Benefits of mixer juicer grinder

You should prefer either a mixer grinder or a juicer mixer grinder. Do remember one thing that the mixer grinder is only used to beat, mix, whip and chop the food into smaller particles. But if it is mixer juicer grinder then you can also get the juice as an extra added benefits.
Some people get addicted to drinking juice of the fresh fruits so they should definitely a juicer mixer grinder. So you don’t need to waste the money on buying juice from the market as they can make it home.

You must check the size of the Mixer Grinder:

The design of the mixer grinder plays an important role because of the jars of various shapes and sizes. You should opt the mixer grinder according to your need. Always choose the jar according to the no of the family member. If you have not enough member in your family then go for mixer grinder with the small jars. The size of the mixer grinder depends on the space available in your kitchen. If you have more family members then you should go to a big mixer grinder.

Speed control switch is a major factor:

Always go for a Juicer mixer grinder which can be operated with more than a single speed option. So that you will able to do thing according to the ingredients. It will allow you to greater control while using different ingredients. Speed control is the basic thing that you should check it out before buying the mixer grinder.

Check the feature of Overload protection function:

Sometimes people try to make more spices or chutney at a time and they don’t even realize about the excess amount of the material in the jar. It will result in the overloading and motor can burn out. For the savior from this type of situation, a circuit breaker is provided. It works like a common fuse in the house. If the overload protection function is provided in your juicer mixer grinder then it will protect it from any short circuit or overload option.

Number of jars will offer different functions:-

Check the no of jars before buying the mixer grinder because you can operate different functions with the help of different jars. As jars are available in different capacity and size so they offer different functions. You will get different kinds of function in a single mixer grinder and juicer.

Incher and pulse function will help you to whip cream:-

With the help of pulse mode, you can chop delicate and soft food while Incher and Pulse’s facility is used for making and whipping milkshakes.

You should check the Locking system of the mixture grinder:-

As you know that the machine will not start until the jar is correctly locked on the basic grinder unit. This is a must wanted safety feature that you should consider especially before buying any type of mixer and grinder. Don’t forget to lock the jar before starting the machine.

Type of switch in the mixer grinder

Nowadays You will get a rotary and piano switches in a mixer grinder. While some of them also come with press switches. Piano switches ensure more convenient usage and they also give maximum speed at one go. Rotary switches have dials. These switches are equipped in most of the mixer grinder.

Watts and RPM features

You should know about every technical feature before buying the machine. RPM or the power of the motor is a great deal which increases the life of the machine. While the mixer grinder comes in the range of 500 to 700 watts. Always go for a mixer grinder whose motor power and RPM speed is good. You will get variants of the mixer grinder in the market but you have to choose according to your need.
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